Our Practice

COHA has started the practice since was a leading group to offer medical oncology services within Anne Arundel County, Howard County and Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. We remain committed to bringing the best oncology and hematology services to the residents of this area. We dedicate our knowledge, skills, and experience to providing you toward the best treatment options for your health and lifestyle. We offer today’s most effective therapies, expertly and compassionately delivered in our infusion centers and medical centers.

Currently seven physicians and more than thirty staffs are working at the four medical centers. Each office has an infusion suite furnished and highly skilled oncology nurses.Tate Cancer Annapolis and Tate Cancer Center infusion suites are equipped with private treatment rooms for long infusions.

We also see patients at following medical centers:

Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC)
Baltimore Washington Medical Center (BWMC)
Howard County General Hospital (HGCH)

At COHA, we strive to continuously improve the health of our patients and the personal service we render through teamwork and compassionate care.

Cancer Treatment

The specialty of oncology has greatly developed over the years, and there are many treatment modalities available to treat cancers. These include:  surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormonal therapies, and biologic and immune mediated therapies.


Chemotherapy entails using specific medications administered to destroy cancer cells. While normal cells in the body grow and die in a controlled way, cancer cells tend to grow in an uncontrolled fashion and do not die when they should. Anticancer drugs are designed to stop these cells from growing and multiplying. Unfortunately, anticancer drugs can frequently injure other (normal) dividing cells in the body, which constitutes side effects of chemotherapy.
Researchers and clinical Oncologists (cancer doctors) have found that cancers can frequently be treated more effectively by using multiple chemotherapy drugs at one time (combination chemotherapy).

The specific chemotherapy that is chosen for each patient is based upon what type of a tumor is being treated. While there is some overlap among the chemotherapies used for different cancers, combinations of medications for different tumors are usually different.

Always ask your oncologist (cancer doctor) and nurses any questions that concern you. You may even wish to keep notebooks to write down your questions so that you are sure that all of your questions are answered. The medical and nursing staff at Chesapeake Oncology Hematology Associates are always eager to answer your questions.

Infusion Center

Radiation Therapy