About Your First Visit

What to bring:

Your insurance information: Bring your insurance card or any additional insurance information.

New patient forms: Please fill out all new patient forms and bring them with you. Click here to download the forms.

Medications: Bring a full list of your current medications and dosage.

List of questions: Write down any questions you have, so you don’t forgot to ask your physician at your visit.

Chemotherapy and How Does It Work

Paper and pen: Be sure to take notes during your visit, so you have them to refer to and share with loved ones.

A friend or loved one: Whenever possible, bring along a friend or loved one to your appointments. They provide valuable support and serve as an extra pair of eyes and ears to ensure good communication

What to expect:

Your physician: The physician you are scheduled to see at your initial consultation will remain your primary provider throughout treatment. At your first visit, you meet the doctor for a new patient evaluation.

Length of visit: We take the time to conduct a thorough evaluation at your consultation, so a first visit can last one to two hours. We ask that you plan accordingly.

Additional tests, x-rays or scans: Your physician may request additional tests, x-rays or scans to best guide your treatment.

At What Stage of Cancer Is Chemotherapy Used

Your care team: In addition to your physician, you may also meet oncology nurses, advanced practice providers, radiation therapists, CT/PET technologists, pharmacists, laboratory technicians and clinical research coordinators who will be part of your treatment.

At the end of your visit, you’ll schedule your next appointment.

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